Fiber                               OCLA


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* Specification

Laser type Passive Cooled InGaAs diode laser
Wavelength 808nm
Laser power 15W at 808nm
Output modes CW, Pulse
General modes Pulse duration –width 10ms-990ms
  1Hz to 100Hz(time control 1~300sec)
Pilot diode laser 5mW red diode laser
Operation interface Color LCD monitor, Cart and arm post
Main power supply AC220V 50/60Hz
Power consumption 200VA
Dimension 245 x 250 x 120mm
Weight 4kg


* Application

Dental Ocla-uri also effectively eliminates fungi on the soft tissue and bacteria such as streptococcus mutans on the tooth and oral cavity (Fungicidal and Bactericidal Effect). Ocla-uri can effectively reduce Dentinal hypersensitivity with 70~100% effectiveness.
Vein Laser energy is delivered by a polymide fine flexible fiber, permitting percutaneous entry into the greater Saphenous vein. There is no need for sutures and no scarring.
Skin Hair Remval, Wound Healingn, Acne
Pain Only ocla therapy relieves pain from the very first application and provieds patients with rapid attainment of their standard of wellness.
ENT Laser Uvula Palatoplasty, Rhinophym treatment..
Veterinary In The veterinary field we do offer an outstanding, portable and battery unned laser system.